Cavalliera Riding Jacket w/ Waterproof Inserts, Majesty Kids

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Våri: Rose Pink/Black Melange
Rose Pink/Black Melange Cavalliera Riding Jacket w/ Waterproof Inserts, Majesty Kids
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Really trendy style for the youngest horse fans.These garments are the perfect look for everyday training, wearing around the stable for autumn or winter season. The contrasting panels and different fabrics add a touch of special detail. The jacket and the vest are designed to move gently while you ride, while the zippered pockets keep your belongings safe. A two way zipper on the front can be opened from the bottom to allow the rider to sit comfortably in the saddle. This is the 'must have' wear for every young horse rider! Available versions of this model: coat and vest.

Washing instructions:

This water-resistant fabric is resistant to light/middle rain. Seams are not waterproofed. This vest is definitely held in the rain, but it tends to get soggy after sustained period in heavier rain.

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