Cavo köysiriimusetti

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Våri: Musta/Musta
Musta/Musta Kavalkade Cavo köysiriimusetti
Brown/Dark Blue Kavalkade Cavo köysiriimusetti
Brown/Turquoise Kavalkade Cavo köysiriimusetti
Brown/ Forest Green Kavalkade Cavo köysiriimusetti
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The elegant rope halter "Cavo" is made of a soft leather mainly in the neck area and goes over into a soft rope, which is sewn on the sides and in the nose area. With a super soft padded leather headpiece, the halter is incredibly comfortable for the horse. The rope is equipped with a snap hook and fits perfectly in the hand.


  • Adjustable on one side on the left and on the noseband.
  • Leather halter with soft neck piece
  • Incl. rope with snap hooks

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