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Betta Life PharmaTrac Total Digestive Support Equine Supplement, 400g

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Ei määritelty PharmaTrac Total Digestive Support Equine Supplement, 400g
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Digestive support formula. PharmaTRAC Total Digestive Support is the latest in digestive support which contains only the highest grade active ingredients with zero fillers. BETTALIFE® products are developed and produced exclusively in the UK and batch tested for purity. PharmaTRAC is designed to support stomach and intestinal health and is a palatable powder to be added to feed. It is designed for animal use only. There are no restrictions on the use of PharmaTRAC Total Digestive Support in competition or otherwise. PharmaTRAC is suitable for Horses experiencing: Loose droppings Weight loss Lack of appetite Stressful situations when maximum support is required Ideal for horses experiencing a change in diet/forage Helps maintain a healthy digestive system Long periods of travel or box rest Before strenuous exercise Loose Stools Gut Balancer Equine Gut Balancer Horse Gut Balancer For best results we advise that you add PharmaTrac to a small pre-exercise chaff/fibre based meal (maximum 30 minutes before).

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Analytical constituents per 100g: protein 7.7g, fibre 14.3g, total fat 4.9g, total carbohydrates 16.9g, sodium 13.58g, energy 171kcal.

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