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Suedwind Suedwind Footwear Legacy Venado Vegan Lace Tall Riding Boots

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Våri: black
black Suedwind Footwear Legacy Venado Vegan Lace Tall Riding Boots
Size Size name A B
37S Small 42 cm 32-34 cm
37S/W Small/Wide 42 cm 36-38 cm
37R Regular 44 cm 32-34 cm
37R/W Regular/Wide 44 cm 36-38 cm
37H High 47 cm 30-32 cm
38S/W Small/Wide 43 cm 37-39 cm
38R Regular 45 cm 33-35 cm
38R/W Regular/Wide 45 cm 37-39 cm
38H/N High/Slim 48 cm 31-33 cm
38H High 48 cm 33-35 cm
38H/W High/Wide 48 cm 37-39 cm
39S Small 44 cm 34-36 cm
39S/W Small/Wide 44 cm 38-40 cm
39R Regular 46 cm 34-36 cm
39R/W Regular/Wide 46 cm 38-40 cm
39H/N High/Slim 49 cm 32-34 cm
39H High 49 cm 34-36 cm
39H/W High/Wide 49 cm 38-40 cm
40S Small 44 cm 35-37 cm
40S/W Small/Wide 44 cm 39-41 cm
40R Regular 46 cm 35-37 cm
40R/W Regular/Wide 46 cm 39-41 cm
40H/N High/Slim 49 cm 33-35 cm
40H High 50 cm 35-37 cm
40H/W High/Wide 50 cm 39-41 cm
41R Regular 46 cm 36-38 cm
41R/W Regular/Wide 46 cm 40-42 cm
41H/N High/Slim 49 cm 34-36 cm
41H High 50 cm 36-38 cm
42R/W Regular/Wide 47 cm 41-43 cm
42H/N High/Slim 50 cm 35-37 cm
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The LEGACY series provides the ideal combination of classic look, comfort and quality. The rubber outsole, midsole with integrated thermoplastic shank and the EVA heel cushioning foam provide the ultimate foothold, durability and flexibility, while delivering a broken-in feel from the beginning on. World-class performance in a classic look and relaxed comfort. Fit and strong foothold are what make a great pair of boots great. The shock absorbent rubber compound and ORTHOLITE® Triple Density Footbed provides just that while keeping your feet as comfortable as a pair of sneakers. Enjoy all-day comfort without sacrificing a classic look, durability or sure foothold.


  • Ultima RS® Sole Technology for Comfort and Stability//Ortholite®-Insoles for more Comfort and Moisture Balance//Vegan Leatherette Upper//Mesh Lining//High Spanish Topline//Classic Square Toe//Front Laces//Elastic along the back of the shaft//Midsole with Thermoplastic Shank//EVA Heel Cushioning//YKK® Back Zipper

Tuote numero: TTJ8Y

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