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Våri: Musta
Musta F.R.A. Supersingel Dressage ruostumatonta terästä
Ruskea F.R.A. Supersingel Dressage ruostumatonta terästä
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The girth that allows a total liberty to your horse... but still fixes your saddle like a rock!

The most important characteristic to this special girth is it’s elasticity to it’s whole length, an elasticity pure and simple adapted to the abdominal forces of our horses. This high-quality girth is entirely produced in Germany from woven high-quality „Polyamid 6“ filaments, which are characterised by their extremely highly elastic solidity.

This particular technique to weave 20 elastic filaments, themselves a result of 9 single “polyamid 6”-wires bound together, is unique in the world. This technique finally makes it possible to produce girths that are very soft and friendly and distribute the pressure on it’s full width.

Easy to compare what a horse must feel when it is girthed-up, is to imagine you wearing stretch clothes. You will always feel the softness in every move or position you take, this without being limited in these movements. The girthstraps on your saddle will experience less peak load, unlike on other girths, thus these girth straps will not tear anymore. The open structure from the textile is highly breathable and guarantees the passage of humidity (sweat).

The girth is machine washable on 30°. You don’t need to girthen-up again. The girth fits itself a 100% and stretches with every movement your horses’ chest makes… yes, your horse asks for it!


  • Väri: ruskea ja musta
  • Metalliosat: ruostumatonta terästä

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