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Back on Track rannesuoja, fleecekangasta

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Musta Back On Track rannesuoja, fleecekangasta backontrack
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The Wrist Brace works well for those whose daily routine involves monotonous and repetitive movements, such as working at a personal computer, as well as for people who make more forceful exertions. The wrist brace offers a feeling of support to the joints.Did you know that we have two tendons in the same tendon sheath at the base of the thumb, but not on any other place in our bodies?This means that the two sinews can chafe against each other, thus making it easier for inflammation to arise in this area than in other tendons, especially during hormonal changes.

Washing instructions:

Washed at a maximum of 40 degrees with gentle washing program.

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Back On Track rannesuoja, fleecekangasta