Grooming Deluxe Tack Box

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Ruskea Grooming Deluxe Tack Box
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This Tack Box is ideal to organise all your products and grooming equipment. It is 30cm high, 40cm wide and 28cm deep. The upper part opens and can be closed with two gold snap closures (lock can be added) . Inside,there is a big compartment (25x38x26 cm) which can be divided in two or three compartments thanks to 2 thin removable parts. Therefore, you can organise the box just the way you like and it has enough room for spray bottles. Made out of bamboo, the box is resistant, easy to clean, and lightweight. With the two golden handles you can easily take it with you on shows or anywhere else.


  • 2 golden snap closures
  • 2 thin removable parts
  • Easy cleaning
  • Lightweight

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